About us

Storytellers, not only the beautiful stories around the campfire, but now also written down in the most versatile and impressive books of our time. More and more often, the authentic and special way of telling stories is not only an oral spectacle, but also in the written book an amazing quality of many Africans. That is why the existence of africanbook.shop is so important. We offer a stage for all these special stories, written by special people.

We proudly present the writers and their books on our website, in which emotional stories from life, insights from forgotten cultures, the harsh reality of African existence, and many more stories find their way to you as readers.

The age-old sophistication of a conscious African people now brings us to a future in which African understandings will make an important mark on our global consciousness. Despite all the hardships, they give us the wisdom of life, and the comforts of prosperity lead to uncertainty. In 2050 we will be 2 billion Africans, we can no longer be forgotten.

And as it is so beautifully expressed in Nelson Mandela's Ubuntu philosophy

“I am because we are”.

The world needs harmony and our African writers want to move the world forward with reason, in which there is room for a humane existence for every human being.

africanbook.shop focuses on the writers, the content of books, we facilitate the importance of stories being read and heard. We strive to make serious agreements with the writers. We are motivated to do the right thing! We reinvest a large part of our proceeds to make it possible for writers to publish their books.