"If you want to know a country, read its writers"

- Aminatta Forna

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By clicking on a specific country, you can get a list of books and writers from that area. You can search for books that take place in the countries you are interested in or books from writers from those specific countries. You can also search for books that specifically deal with the culture, history or society of a country. In this way, you can discover books from authors you may not have heard of before, but who are still interesting to you.  This will give you a broader perspective on the literature of that specific country and give you more insight into the society, culture and history of that country.

About African studies bookstore

The African Studies Bookstore is a publishing and book distribution house based in Kampala, Uganda. 
Founded in 2016 by Atukwatse Wartson with an objective of promoting visibility,  accessibility and documentation of African works across the globe, the publishing house has established itself as one of the fastest  literary enterprises producing works on African Studies/ valuable research and related themes including novels, autobiographies, biographies, short-stories, poetry, history, law , gender, music and photography etc.
Our bookshop is a leading supplier of institutes for African Studies in most Universities all over the world and research centers. 

Over 65 titles so far published and we have over 2000 titles in our bookshop.

For the Pearls of Africa