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Mukisa was an inquisitive Muslim boy who was gradually brainwashed from when he was 8 years old to help recruit other children from the Kampala ghettos to become child soldiers. Mukisa has a close relationship with his mother Ayana and his true faith and refuses to accept the situation. When it becomes unbearable, escaping to Europe is his only option. This means
leaving everything behind, including his mother and sisters. In Europe, he falls into the hands of human traffickers and is forced to sell drugs and his body. Despite this misery, he remains committed to his faith and sees the obstacles on his way as tests. Will he manage to escape a second time and build a new life? In this true story, the reader briefly walks in the shoes of a refugee. What is it like to be uprooted and have no choice but to adapt to a strange world? We are all searching for happiness. Take the Mukisa inside and outside of you into your heart.

'As human beings, we all have a unique story that quickly evaporates or fades away as soon as we start speaking in general terms, for example, about refugees. This book is a powerful
statement to show that things can also be different. The personal approach makes you as a reader aware of the courage, perseverance, desperation and potential that a word such as
‘refugee’ holds. It provides nuance and makes us see each other as human beings.’
- André Nijhof
Professor Sustainable Business and Stewardship
Nyenrode Business Universiteit

With a joint foreword by Annette Nobuntu Mul, Chairperson of the Ubuntu Netherlands Foundation and Dr Sabrina Keinemans, Lecturer in Social Integration at Zuyd University.
Seeking happiness is a universal human right

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Mugisha & Laurence Bollen
October 9, 2021
Droomvallei Uitgeverij
Genre: Biography, Non fictional
Country: Uganda
Edition: Ebook, Hardcover
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SKU: 9789083184128