The Betrayal - Samuel Kalega Njuba


....Has the chicken come to roost? Or is it a tale of love gone sour? Or is it a genuine concern of an abuse of the peoples trust; and by whom....?

The post-colonial independent political events in Uganda have been told by many authors and commentators, both local and international. Bu the final products of most of these have not really met the accurate blow by blow episode, or have been presented aggrandizing.

“The Betrayal” is a story about all the political governments in Uganda and their leaderships. It is a story told on physical, psychosomatic and poignant experience, thus making it a great piece of information put together by a local actor who joined the political fray by accident, but genuinely thought to put right the many political wrongs by the pseudo leaderships.“

The Betrayal” describes how political leaders in Uganda since independent; from Dr.Apollo Milton Obote to Yoweri Museveni blatantly raise the people’s hopes, and at the end shutter the same hopes further to dissect how this is achieved using all sorts of opportunistic illusions, suppression of the peoples freedoms and rights, and intrigues to the chagrin of the trusted populace.

This begs, once more, a final of the many questions on many minds.... is it just an afterthought?

The classical rendition of “The Betrayal” is unique and well-cast. One scene the reader is transcended decades back to the exact spot of an incident. In another segment the story is fast-tracked to meet the reader in the present.

Indeed, a bestseller in Uganda’s contemporary writing.

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Samuel Kalega Njuba
January 1, 2022
Genre: Biography, History
Country: Uganda
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