Secret Gardens - Komakech Pius Kilama


When a pandemic threatens to extinct the human race,mankind retreats in isolation through a worldwide lockdown. Confined and barred, nature gets a perfect opportunity to blossom without human interference. And in the heart of Africa, far from the crowds of mass tourism, in a land unique units natural diversity, is where 'Secret Gardens' is borne.
Together with his wife Elsie, Ajuna Ryan, like any other salient visitor who wants something different from the normal two-week vacation to recover from the onslaught of the pandemic, takes on an adventurous task of exploring the secret gardens of Uganda. A land of bitterly contested prizes for early European explorers and the source of the longest river in the whole world. Also home to half of the world's population of the most endangered species on the planet, the mountain gorillas.
But what starts out as a haven of an adventure turns into an uncomfortable manifestation and reality when Ryan comes face- to- face with the unthinkable task of overcoming his teenage past. In a world dominated by 'the one that got away ' phenomenon, relationships are put to direful tests. Ryan is catapulted into the intrigues of his teenage world that th threatens to destroy the bare existence of his current world. Indeed, the past is a foreign country, but sometimes things are not necessarily done differently there. Secrets are revealed, and tough decisions must be made amidst the watchful eyes of nature.

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Komakech Pius Kilama
January 1, 2023
The African Studies Bookstore
Genre: Fiction, Novel
Country: Uganda
Edition: Ebook, Paperback
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