Science In Our Day-To-Day Lives - Hellen Ndagire Muwonge & Kizito M. Muwonge


Can we do away with Science? The answer appears NO without any other choice! Science is just a part and parcel of our day today life and thus understanding and applying the knowledge
of science enable us to have a more meaningful experience while appreciating the indigenous knowledge from our communities. It is evident that for smooth living, in good health in our diverse communities, science is at the centre of all our activities.

This book highlights the importance of reading and formation of readers, which will eventually create a reading community. Reading will enhance the knowledge base among communities in
the different fields such as nutrition, disease prevention, control and treatment, cultural practices, climate change, conservation of biodiversity and emerging challenges such as
antimicrobial resistance in addition to emerging contaminants in the environment. The text also mentions social and environmental emerging trends for continued wellbeing of humanity
especially in a developing country, specifically Uganda.

Reading this book induces one to appreciate the endless applied science in our daily activities including examples embedded in the traditional indigenous knowledge, also stipulating
scenarios where the practices are clearly on target and yet in some circumstances they go wrong!

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Hellen Ndagire Muwonge & Kizito M. Muwonge
December 1, 2023
The African Studies Bookstore
Genre: Non fictional
Country: Uganda
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