Reflections on Student Life - Matanda Abubaker


Matanda Abubaker is a Judicial Officer in the Judiciary of Uganda (Magistrate Grade 1 as at 2023).

Before joining the bench, Matanda, a holder of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in law from Islamic University in Uganda and Uganda Christian University respectively), played several leadership roles.

He was, critical to this book, among others, the President Uganda National Students’ Association (2014-2015), the Guild President Islamic University in Uganda (2013-2014), a Member, National Youth Council respresenting Bududa District (2020 - 2021), and the National Youth Coordinator, Alliance for National Transformation (2019 - 2021).

Matanda is passionate about social justice, transformational leadership, and human capital development.

About Author
This book, written in simple language, is both descriptive and prescriptive wherein the author - quite amazingly uses his experince as - a top student leader to share ideas on how one can best utilize their time in school, but more profoundly, how to become one, and be a successful student leader.

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Matanda Abubaker
January 1, 2023
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